Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanging up the Keyboard...

After much consideration, I've come to the decision to shutter Big D Food Trucks. While I've had a swell time eating my way through DFW street food, this blog (particularly the schedule) is a huge labor of love. Rain, heat, traffic and blowing a generator are just a few reasons a truck schedule is super dynamic and takes tons of dedication. With that, and the ever burgeoning number of trucks, I don't have the time it takes to pour myself into blogging, events and criss-crossing the metroplex. Many thanks to you all for following me and especially to those Food Trucks who supported my blog! There are some committed  folks out there who report on food trucks so I have no doubt you won't go hungry. D SideDish recently released a tracking app and Stephanie Hawkes of DFWFoodTruckFoodie lives and breathes by this business. I can't wait to see how our street food culture will continue to unfold, but for now I'll just watch from the curb! Keep on Truckin y'all...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Rainy Days keep Food Trucks Away...

Rain and Food Trucks just don't play well together. Make sure to double and triple-check our schedule plus those of the individual Food Trucks before you head out this week. Be sure to visit those who are sticking it out despite the weather and show them your support!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Party with a Food Truck this St. Patty's Day!

They say everybody's Irish on St. Patrick's day so don't feel left out if you weren't endowed with ginger locks and a smattering of freckles. This year there's a whole fleet of Food Trucks to help you drown down that green beer and we're making it easy navigate them:
Pop up Park on Greenville Ave:
The big kahuna of all St. Patty's day celebrations; if you live in Dallas and haven't been, then you've gotta do this at least once. Other than a 5K and a parade, it's just one grand festival of beer chugging and partying in the streets. Find NammiTruck, Ruthie's Rolling Cafe, Easy Slider Truck and Cane Rosso at 2001 Greenville Ave beginning at 2...and don't leave without trying the special "Lucky Charms" green velvet cupcake from Trailercakes.

Rahr and Sons Brewing Co.:
And over in Cowtown, the shenanigans continue: Fort Worth's Rahr and Sons Brewery is having a contest for the most festive Green Get-ups you can put together. Top 3 will take home a Rahr gift certificate. They'll also have special Lucky Pug pint glasses just for the occasion. Zombie's Food Truck and The Bacon Wagon are setting up from 1-3.
Arlington Springfest:
If the days of partying with complete and total abandon are behind you, then load up the kids and head out to this three day event for some family fun time. Bouncy houses, live music, and food from The Wiener Man & The Butchers Son are just a few of the attractions. For complete line-up of events click here.
Deep Ellum Outdoor Market:
The creative folks at the DEOM have created a Pinterest board so you guys can preview the wares of vendors that are setting up at this weekend's event. We hear Rockstar Bakeshop and Rock and Roll Tacos will be loaded up with goodies from 11-5!
Good Guys Car Show:
Texas Motor Speedway is hosting the 2nd annual Good Guys Car Show, featuring over 2,000 classic cars, trucks and custom hotrods. The show runs Friday and Saturday with So-Cal Tacos and The Bomb Fried Pies.

Monday, February 27, 2012

7 New Trucks in DFW, plus another Food Park!

Twitter and Facebook have been all abuzz in the last couple weeks with promises of new truck concepts, events and another food truck park. Instead of bombarding you with a million tweets and status updates, I'm gathering up all that I know right here in one place. Just keep in mind, a few of these things are unconfirmed and in the early stages.
Cowtown Chow Down-While Dallas has yet to get its first food truck park, Fort Worth is already in the throes of opening its second, due in early April. This new Food Truck Park is going up between the Fort Worth Stockyards and the Downtown Cultural District at 1100 N. Main. They're promising live entertainment from local musicians, free wi-fi, indoor/outdoor dining areas and an 'arts and crafts corner' to display the work of local artisans. Their website has the following gourmet food trucks confirmed to rotate in and out:
•The Bacon Wagon
•Crazy Sisters
•The Butchers Son
•Dough Boys Pizza
•Eat Jo Dawgs
•Gandolfo's NY Deli
•In a Pickle
•Snoball Corral
•Sassy Hot Dogs
•Yum Yum Food Truck
•Zombie's Food Truck
ROCK'N RICK'S-New Braunfels based builder Kitchen on Wheels will be putting the finishing touches on this new food truck from Ricky Minter. The offerings will include breakfast tacos and omelets for breakfast as well as flatbreads, hamburgers and gourmet sandwiches. When possible, they will use only local ingredients and the menu will change up seasonally. They plan to hold court in the Dallas and Forney areas beginning in early May.
Cafe Con Leche Dallas-There's nothing Dallas loves more than an LA import and we'll soon add another one with Cuban cuisine truck Cafe Con Leche Dallas. They will be hitting the streets of Big D in 3-4 weeks and will make public stops as well as cater private parties. They also want to note that they have unlimited menu possibilites for private catering events.
Three Lions Truck-Soon you'll have no reason to book a nine hour flight to Heathrow just to get your favorite traditional English fare. I have no gauge of when they'll be rolling except for "very soon", but check out their website and follow them on Twitter at @threelionstruck or on Facebook.
Society Bakery-A perennial Dallas favorite for their decadent desserts and cupcakes with sky-high frosting, Society Bakery is wrapping up their build in collaboration with Cruising Kitchens out of San Antonio. While we would love for it to be a full-time Dallas operation, they'll be splitting their time between Dallas and San Antonio. We'll be sure and let you know when they're in the neighborhood.
Rockstar Bakeshop-We've been crossing our fingers for some time that RockStar Bakeshop would finally get its very own rig. After all, when you bake up the most ridiculously perfect whoopie pies, then you deserve more than moonlighting on everybody else's trucks! Rocktar Bakeshop will finally unveil "Layla" at their official Launch Party on March 9th. You can RSVP  to the event here.
Burrito Baron-I know next to nothing, but sometimes this is how you find things out! Armand the burrito baron has a truck and his Twitter says that as of February 16th, they'll be done in 22 days in Denton. If you know more info, be my guest and fill us in on the comments section.
Potato Potahto-For the complete shakedown of all that this gourmet spud truck has to offer, see our last post. But, we thought we'd share a glamour shot of their newly finished truck anyway. 
Formerly of Dough Boys Pizza Truck, Eliud Castro is striking gold on his own with Gepetto Pizzas, his new concept that is aiming to launch in Fort Worth next week. In addition to all the classics, Eliud is tossing up new pies topped with specialties like Wagyu beef, chicken poblano and smoked brisket. He's further expanding the menu with mini calzones and a prosciutto/bacon/chicken carbonara. To all the Dallas folks, not to worry; Eliud has set his sights on getting a permit in your neck of the woods, too.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Potato Potahto taking Gourmet Spuds to the Streets

The fleet of Dallas/Fort Worth Food Trucks & mobile concepts is hovering somewhere around sixty-ish, but Potato-Potahto is setting out to prove that you can still have an original idea despite the numbers. Proprietor Chic Henderson was reared in the restaurant industry and has always had big dreams of opening his own place. After being inspired by Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race, he turned his focus to opening DFW's only spud truck. Potato-Potahto is taking a cheeky approach to their menu; the "Potato" side consists of either a sweet or russet potato topped with all the traditional fixings while the "Potahto" is a fancier, gussied up version topped with rotating offerings. One month you may see a Buffalo Blue Cheese & Chicken potahto and the next could be a Chicken Fried Steak or Brisket and Pickled Onion option. They're also baking up Chic's mother's original recipe of Reba's Sweet Potato Pie for dessert. Potato-Potahto will be permitted in Dallas and Fort Worth with plans for public stops mixed in with private events. They've already got a few stops planned including the Dallas Arts District and we'll add them to our schedule when they launch in about a week!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Valentine's Day Food Truck Guide

Top: Cupcakin Machine via Facebook
Bottom: Red Jett Sweets via Kolorato
Listen up Lovebirds! Valentine's Day is just around the corner and it's time to start putting some thought into what you'll be giving your sweetie pie. If a heart shaped Russell Stover box isn't going to impress your lady or man-friend, then look no further than your favorite mobile sweet shops. The gals at Trailercakes, Red Jett Sweets, Cupcakin Machine and Rockstar Bakeshop have been elbow deep in the flour sack just to help you pull off the perfect Valentine. Read on to find all the special flavors offered by the sweetest Food Trucks in town and be sure and place your order early! 
Red Jett Sweets:
-Strawberry Champagne Cupcake filled with Dark Chocolate Ganache
-Vanilla Echo with Pink Vanilla Buttercream
-Chocolate with Pink Vanilla Buttercream
-Red Jett Velvet
-Red Hot Velvet
-Chocolate Cherry Cake
(not officially named yet!)
Rockstar Bakeshop:
-Heart-shaped mini Whoopie Pies
-"Heartbreaker": Chocolate-covered Strawberry Whoopie Pie
Cupcakin Machine:
-Cupcake Bouquets: Customer's choice of cupcake flavor decorated with Buttercream Roses and "planted" in a pot or vase (similar to cakeball-style) Available in dozen or 1/2 dozen