Saturday, September 10, 2011

Food Trucks: The Next Trend in Wedding Catering

Being a girl in my late 20's, my friends are coupling up at an alarming rate.  Save the date magnets, shower invitations and registries are ruling my life; but what I really want to know about is the food. Well, that and the open bar situation. 
If I have to hear another bride prattle on about food stations and how cute mashed potatoes can look in a martini glass, I might just vom. I came across an article from The Knot a couple months back and I thought my future of attending weddings was looking up. The newest catering trend for nuptials is mobile trucks and carts and I could not be more thrilled. Maybe you're having a casual afternoon event where food trucks provide your main course, or a soiree the size of Wills & Kate where trucks provide fare for late night revelers; either way I'm all over this. 
If you want to consider this for your own wedding, make sure you read The Knot's "Wedding Catering: Everything you need to know about Wedding Food Trucks" And if you book Ruthie's Rolling Cafe or Trailercakes for your own affair, I bet you can count on more people check-marking that 'yes' box on your terrifically expensive Vera Wang reply cards. 

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