Tuesday, November 8, 2011

You Had Me at Bacon...

You know when you're scanning the menu at a restaurant and you zero in on one particular ingredient that confirms exactly what you're going to order? Bacon is one of those key words for me, so you can picture my excitement when I found a new food truck dedicated to all things swine. 
Jason Harskjold and Victor Harten of Ft. Worth were just two high school friends who coincidentally hit a roadblock at the same time. Both were laid off over the summer due to corporate cutbacks and were faced with a future of uncertainty. Neither was willing to work for The Man so, "Reflecting over their corporate talents and personal passions, the idea of THE BACON WAGON was born."
So far, they've been paying it forward to the community that they'll be servicing; the pair has invested over $20,000 for their truck in local businesses in and around Ft. Worth.  The Menu is available on their website and has every conceivable way to sandwich bacon between two slices of bread; you can add a fried egg, various cheeses, avocado, green chilis and more to your creation. In addition, they'll feature exclusive Bacon Desserts from Stir Crazy Bakery...Bacon Brownies anyone?
All Photos from The Bacon Wagon Facebook page
The Bacon Wagon will have a  permanent location Wednesday-Saturday behind The Shamrock Tavern and Poag Mahone's Pub on 7th Street and hopes to be invited to other Ft. Worth locations for lunch hours and private parties. They will have their first service run at Wired Willie's 11/11/11 Block Party this Friday and we will spread the word as soon as they announce their Grand Opening!


  1. Like Bacon, Green Chile is one of those key ingredients for me. I'll be hunting these guys down ASAP!