Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Changes to BigDFoodTrucks.com in 2012

When I began Big D Food Trucks 6 short months ago, I was juggling just a dozen or so Food Truck schedules. Fast forward to today and you've got a new one coming almost every week. So, after careful thought and consideration I am making some much needed change to the way we do things around here. Going forward, the daily schedule will reflect only the Dallas locations of Food Trucks. And here's why: I would never want to jeopardize the integrity of these hard working truckers or to my readers by posting misleading locations. By narrowing the schedule to Dallas, I'll be able to better prevent that. After all, we are Big D Food Trucks. Not Big Irving. Not Big Fort Worth. 

But before you go unfollowing me in revenge of abandonment, hear me out. I will continue to blog post about all DFW Food Trucks. This is still the best place to find out news, special events and big changes to all of your favorites. All North Texas trucks will remain in my "Rolling Now" bar with links to their pages and I will stay abreast of who's going to be "Rolling Soon." In fact, I heard of a good one this morning: The Meatbomber...But more on that later. You have probably also heard that the fine folks at the City of Dallas have finally come through for us and made some important updates to city regulations. With these changes, many of your favorite Ft. Worth trucks will be working on a Dallas permit. So as you can see, it's really less of a goodbye and more of a see ya later.

Happy New Years to you all and keep on truckin' in 2012.

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