Thursday, January 12, 2012

Easy Slider Hits the Park Cities in January

For all you folks living and working in the Park Cities, you have a gem of a lunch spot every Thursday in the month of January. Easy Slider Truck is setting up shop outside of Preston Commons near the corner of Northwest Highway and Preston Road. I had the chance to stop in here last week and I can attest that this is some of the best food I have had off of a truck. They have unique slider combinations like the "Sweet & Low Down" (beef, bacon, goat cheese & strawberry jam) and the "7-Layer" (beef, black bean dip, salsa, guac, fritos and cheddar). When you pile on the ingredients, often times the burger gets lost-but not in Easy Slider's case. Every component has a purpose and at the end of the day, you can still taste the actual beef. Easy Slider also carries whoopie pies from Rockstar Bakeshop and has an exclusive "Banana Pancakes" flavor; think banana cream sandwiched between spongy cake and rolled in Nilla wafers. I urge you to drop whatever lunch plans you have and go see the gals at Easy Slider; you will not be disappointed!


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  2. Do you plan on a mobile app?

  3. You are SO right about Easy Slider. I had the Baby Bella and The Roadside today, and they were both awesome. The little whoopie pies are kind of deceiving though. You have to really look close to see that there are several different flavors and combinations hidden in there. At first glance it looks like just choc, vanilla and red velvet. Inside it is SO much more...