Monday, March 26, 2012

Hanging up the Keyboard...

After much consideration, I've come to the decision to shutter Big D Food Trucks. While I've had a swell time eating my way through DFW street food, this blog (particularly the schedule) is a huge labor of love. Rain, heat, traffic and blowing a generator are just a few reasons a truck schedule is super dynamic and takes tons of dedication. With that, and the ever burgeoning number of trucks, I don't have the time it takes to pour myself into blogging, events and criss-crossing the metroplex. Many thanks to you all for following me and especially to those Food Trucks who supported my blog! There are some committed  folks out there who report on food trucks so I have no doubt you won't go hungry. D SideDish recently released a tracking app and Stephanie Hawkes of DFWFoodTruckFoodie lives and breathes by this business. I can't wait to see how our street food culture will continue to unfold, but for now I'll just watch from the curb! Keep on Truckin y'all...


  1. Hey Sarah, sad to see you shut this down! If you get a chance contact me, I have an idea for you and the site.

    Steve @

  2. Best of luck on the next adventure!

  3. thanks so much for all your hard work, good luck

    KERA / KXT

  4. I would have liked to seen them cut lesser -and some cilantro on it would have been excellent in the sanny too. Section dimension was very excellent and so was the cost.

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  5. Best of luck!

    Also for anyone who was wondering, I just found this awesome food truck festival that's happening in Dallas! Check it out if you'd like!