Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Breaking Down the Menu: Dallas' First Friggitoria

Gennarino's Food Truck is launching DFW's first authentic Neapolitan-style friggitoria and you're not alone if you have no idea what that means. A friggitoria is essentially a place where fried food is sold, just one of Italy's great traditions in street food. Before you venture out to place your order at Gennarino's, read our quick guide to these fried delights:

  • Arancini-Balls of rice fried to a golden brown & often stuffed with ingredients like ham, prosciutto, mushrooms, meat sauce, or just cheese.
  • Panzarotti-Smaller version of a calzone with a deep fried soft dough and most often stuffed with tomato and mozzarella. Can also be filled with mushrooms, ham, onions etc.
  • Polentina-A wedge of cornmeal dough fried to a golden crisp
  • Timballo-Typically a pasta baked with other ingredients like cheese, meat or vegetables but staying with the theme, expect theirs to be deep fried.
  • Panuozzi-Stretched raw dough filled with ingredients like soppressata, mozzarella or pepperoni and baked to resemble a stuffed panini. 

Misto Platter
All photos from Gennarino's facebook page


  1. ....having a VERY difficult time restraining myself from offering an alternative definition of "friggitoria." :)

  2. it is the lightest fried food we have ever tried. Try before judging. You'll change idea soon. Gennarino"s thank you so much for making fried food a delicious GOURMET food :)