Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Truck SoCal Tacos bringing 'Killer Salsa' to the Streets

This week I was the lucky recipient of a salsa house call from Scott Wooley of soon-to-be SoCal Tacos famedom.  Being a native Texan I'm certain that I've done my fair share of salsa slingin, but Scott had me convinced that his 'killer salsa' was gonna be good. 

When I answered the door for my personal salsa delivery, there was Scott-a cooler of salsa over his shoulder and chips at the ready. With his surfer drawl, backwards hat and tattoos, he gave me the evolution of how he went from living in Laguna Niguel to real estate in Dallas and now proud taco truck owner.  His dream of one day owning a restaurant with his wife and 3 (almost 4) kids is coming true via the burgeoning food truck scene he was witnessing in DFW. He saw it as a way in the door and his excitability about the trucking scene is contagious. 

So back to the salsa. I wanted to know what makes it killer and his answer's pretty simple. Good ingredients, juicy Mexican limes and no roasting or pureeing like most Texas salsas. It reads like a chunky pico and the taste is pretty amazing.  Expect it to come with a seasoned chip alongside battered tilapia or honey chipotle glazed salmon tacos. He hopes to be rolling in the next 2 weeks in Tarrant County with plans of coming to Dallas in the future. This southern Californian is practically giddy about hitting the road and I, for one caught the SoCal Taco buzz. The only thing zestier than the salsa may be the truck owner himself! 

Check back for schedule and find Scott on Facebook & Twitter @SOCALTACOS

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